Sapien is a humanitarian company dedicated to removing economic barriers in nonprofits and social organizations by integrating charitable giving with consumer spending so that they can focus on pursuing their mission and fulfilling their purpose.

All of our products are crafted to pair with:


What’s better than enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself? Enjoying a cup of coffee with friends while promoting diversity, prosperity, and unity in your own backyard! Cheers to building an inclusive, welcoming, and meaningful community for all!


We’re committed to maximizing our social impact all around the world. With every sale, a portion of the funds are donated to coffee farmers around the world to develop sustainable agricultural practices. What’s your contribution going to be?


Together, we can find the common ground for common good: projecting empathy; prioritizing relationships; and promoting generosity. We’re Sapien, we’re here for you, and we genuinely admire the value you bring to the world. It’s nice to meet you!

Intentionally Different

We strive to redefine the standard for fundraising as a simple, powerful, and practical experience for everyone involved. By integrating charitable giving with consumer spending, we produce passive income opportunities for other philanthropic ventures and make it easier for consumers to make a difference. 

As a result, we differentiate ourselves as a company driven by impact rather than profit. Ultimately, we possess the ability to inflict change on a natural basis by integrating our product into people's daily routines without them changing a thing. Leveraging this ability is our commitment to you!

The Future

We are driven by strategic innovation. To yield the most effective long-term solutions for our clients, we are committed to listening to their problems, addressing their concerns, and building custom-tailored systems. Ultimately, we strive to ensure that individuals and organizations have equitable opportunities, meaningful purpose, and the ability to embrace a unique identity.

Featured Charity:BiG

About: BiG is a God-centered vocational community that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and validates dignity and respect for adults with disabilities.

Website: www.brookwoodingeorgetown.org

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Community Highlights


January 7, 2021- Brookwood in Georgetown is preparing for their 2021 philanthropy event, Art From The Heart. Unique works of art created by the citizens of Brookwood will be available for auction. See event details and ticket information below.

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Mobile Loaves & Fishes

January 1, 2021- Mobile Loaves & Fishes celebrates the five-year anniversary of Community First! The village provides housing and a supportive community for individuals transitioning from chronic homelessness in the Austin area.

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The REACH Project

December 8, 2020- The REACH Project, a College Station-based nonprofit, partnered with the Texas A&M Foundation to provide meals for those in need. Over 200 meals were handed out to 'invisible Aggies' to provide a helping hand and holiday joy.

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